Growth hormone use exploding among high school teens


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Steroids use in high school athletes

steroids use in high school athletes

California high schools have decided testing for steroids is too expensive. In order to maintain that status, an athlete must always perform well in their sport. By teaching kids about both the positive and negative effects of the drugs, gives them a more balanced approach to the topic, rather than just focusing on the negative effects. The study, published in Pediatrics , found that not only do student athletes report using these products for a competitive edge, but nonathletes use these same substances to supplement their looks. Steroids can have long-lasting and sometimes irreversible side effects on the body. A Star is Born With the enticing promise of becoming more sexually attractive amongst their peers, becoming popular and increasing their chances to become the star of the football team, what high school athlete could resist the temptation to experiment with anabolic steroids?